Boston terrier puppies bite, a trait not uncommon in most breeds.  A biting puppy is quite normal because this is how he communicated with his fellow litter mates.  Furthermore, he tends to gain many of his experiences through taste, so his mouth is liberally used most of the time.

Nevertheless, even though boston terrier puppies may have become accustom to using their mouth, you need to make it clear to your canine that you are the leader of his pack.  This means your body, clothes and other belongings are off limits.  Teaching your pet not to bite is not as difficult as you might think and it’s a lesson they need to learn.  After all, biting is certainly not something you want your terrier to continue when he’s full grown.

The following are some tips you can put into practice to deter your pup from his chomping habit.

Tip 1 – When boston terrier puppies nip at your skin produce a sharp cry.  The more you can make this sound like a high pitched yelp the more he should respond to it.  Yelping is what his other four-legged brothers and sisters would do, so it is more likely to work to your advantage as he is more apt to respond on instinct.

Tip 2 – If making an injured noise doesn’t work, another good idea is to take hold of his muzzle and close your hand around his mouth gently applying pressure.  In a firm voice tell him “no”.  Repeat this every time he does it, holding his snout closed for a longer period each time.   Be sure to praise him when he licks you instead of using his teeth to help him understand that this is acceptable while biting is not.

Tip 3 – Boston puppies love attention and they love to play, by ignoring him and taking away this special time you’ll get his attention.  If your little one starts to get nippy and you’ve followd tip 2 but he hasn’t got the message, cease all interaction with him to make it clear you aren’t playing with him if he’s going to be a biter.

Remember, though you want to stop boston terrier puppies from biting, chewing is a natural habit, especially during teething, so you need to provide your pooch with plenty of acceptable things to chew on.