Puppies are not for everyone, which is why a boston terrier rescue can be a wonderful place to obtain a dog if this is the type of breed you would like as a pet.  Some people are afraid to adopt a canine from rescues because they are worried that if the animal they receive was abused by their previous owner that the pooch will not be able to adjust or will be out of control.  Although a valid concern, in the vast majority of cases it is not something you have to worry about.

You see, there are many benefits that come with adopting from a boston terrier rescue.  Here are some of the positives that you might find quite appealing and may help dispel any myths, assumptions or worries you might have regarding these volunteer shelters:

•    Rescuing is not a job it is a choice.  Almost all rescues are run by volunteers; people who choose to save and care for terriers out of the goodness of their heart, with the only reward being to see downtrodden or abandoned dogs gain another chance of belonging to a loving family.  Thus, usually their whole purpose is to help a pooch of any age find a new and permanent home, not to put him through more suffering or pocket money.

•    Evaluation prior to placement.  Although someone may wish to adopt from a boston terrier rescue and even if they are eligible, this doesn’t mean their request will be granted.  Bostons are not handed over on a first-come-first-serve basis.  A rescuer will want to make certain that your lifestyle is compatible with the characteristics of a particular pooch.  This is truly wonderful because you will know that the terrier dog you eventually adopt is the right fit for you and your family.  This can never be guaranteed with a puppy.

•    Pre-puppy trained.  Rescue dogs typically come pre-trained and without unwanted puppy traits, such as chewing or house accidents.  Although you will likely need to teach further commands, not having to go through house training or worrying about losing your furniture or wardrobe to teething, makes a huge difference.

•    No surprises.  Adult dogs bond quickly with their new owners and easily settle into their pack.  Since you will probably have already interacted with him at the boston terrier rescue before hand, it is unlikely that he’ll be under extreme stress, nor should he display any behaviors that have not already been brought to your attention.

Last but not least, with a boston terrier rescue you will be receiving an immediate companion that you can take with you wherever you go.   Puppies require special care, training and attention, which limits the length and time they can be out and you can be away from them.  It also restricts the places they can travel.  Thus, you might just find that rescues can provide you with the ideal pal you’ve been waiting for.