Boston terrier information is what you need to look into if you are interested in obtaining this non-sporting breed or would like to learn more about it.  There is much to discover about these little muscular dogs, some of which you may find surprising.  For instance, are you aware that this particular canine snores, sheds and is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures?

Knowing everything there is to know about a canine is important if you intend on making it a family pet because this isn’t a one-year commitment, you can expect to devote at least a full decade of your life to this pooch.  Therefore, before you conduct a more thorough investigation on the history and characteristics that make up this pooch, the following is some basic boston terrier information you might find useful for starting you on your path of discovery:

Size – The boston terrier is a relatively small but compact dog that is well-muscled.  They stand between 15-17 inches high and weigh 10 – 25 pounds.

Appearance – They have a very distinct face that is short with a square wide muzzle.  They have large dark round eyes, erect ears, a black nose and a head that is broad and flat without wrinkles.  Their neck is slightly arched, chest broad and have straight muscular legs.  Their hair is short and glossy and has a fine texture.  The coat colors include black and white, brindle and white and sometimes even brown and white.

Temperament – What you will find when looking through boston terrier information is that most sources will tell you they are highly alert, intelligent, enthusiastic and well-mannered dogs.  Though they can have high energy at times they are gentle souls.  In addition, he makes an affectionate and loyal companion and is typically friendly towards people, dogs and other non-canine pets.

Training – Though a smart pooch and a quick learner, the boston can be willful and requires dominance training to certify his place in the pack.  He is also sometimes difficult to housebreak.

Exercise – These little terriers can live happily in an apartment and do not need a large yard to run around in.  They are quite active indoors but still require daily walks (I.E. two daily 15 minute walks) and play time.

Health – Boston terrier information regarding their health can be somewhat shocking.  That is because this little guy is prone to many hereditary illnesses, some of which is the result of poor breeding.  Moreover, because of their flat nose they can have breathing problems and are also highly susceptible to heatstroke and hypothermia and should be protected from extreme weather conditions.

Life span – The average boston can live for up to 15 years.

There is much for you to learn so seek out as much boston terrier information as you can find.  Learning also means speaking to vets, breeders, owners and actually spending time with the breed.  Only after you have immersed yourself in this boston-dog-world will you be ready for the real thing.