The boston terrier dog is a small breed that is highly intelligent, enthusiastic, gentle and very alert.  He is an American favorite that was actually developed in the city of Boston and is a small canine that has plenty of character and charisma. He can be a wonderful family pet, is particularly fond of seniors and has a distinct cuteness.  However, though a wonderful pooch, he’s not always the ideal choice for a newbie or experienced dog owner.

Why?  All dogs are different and though one breed may be compatible for your lifestyle, this may not be true for someone else and vice versa.  Therefore, the best way to find out if the boston terrier dog is for you is to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

•    Do I want a small dog I can carry around and will sit in my lap?  If so, this terrier isn’t what you have in mind because though he is small in size, he is very muscular, sturdy and active.  He is not a delicate lapdog.

•    Do I want a non-shedder?  This pooch regularly sheds his coat and will leave little hairs around your home wherever he goes.

•    Do I want a guard for my home?  The boston terrier dog is very friendly towards strangers and likely will not stop anyone from entering your residents.  At best they are a watchdog and usually will alert you to noise or someone’s approach.

•    How many dog-related noises and smells can I tolerate?  Due to their flat noses, Boston’s snore, snort, snuff, and wheeze.  They also tend to pass gas frequently and are prone to drooling.

•    Do I want a dog that is easy to train?  Boston terrier dogs are fast learners, but they can be stubborn and are also difficult to housebreak.  Some – especially those bred by inexperienced and disreputable breeders – have neurotic behaviors and can be difficult to control.

These are just a few of the facts about the boston terrier dog you need to consider.  Understand, finding out the not-so-pleasing qualities about a breed isn’t meant to deter you from choosing it, the purpose is to warn you that with the good comes the bad and no two terriers are alike.  You will experience fewer negative surprises when you know exactly what you are facing.