Do you want to be a boston terrier breeder?  If you do, hopefully you’ve given this decision some thought and have carefully considered what you are getting yourself into.  After all, if you think owning a dog is a big commitment, wait until you are responsible for the wellbeing of a mother and her pups.

If you want to bring four-legged wonders into this world you need to be a good boston terrier breeder.  Good breeders are those who:

•    Have genuine love for boston terriers and want to see their line improve.  This means making sure you know what strong pedigrees to look for and choosing the perfect mate for the female you wish to use in your breeding program.  You need to know how to find out the purity and bloodline of a canine.

•    Know what time of year is best.  You need to be able to provide an ideal environment for mating, birth and caring for the newborns.

•    You need to financially support the dogs you own and the litter that is produced.  If you don’t have the funds or means to provide these canines with the proper health care or home environment, you shouldn’t be a boston terrier breeder.

•    If you can’t sell all of the pups or a client wishes to return their dog, what is your plan?  Abandoning the unwanted is not an option.

•    The female(s) you use in your program should be mature and at least two years of age.  Most females are not fertile until they are in their tenth day of heat.  However, this can vary so there may be some trial and error at first.  Furthermore, no one female should be bread more than once per year.

•    You need to notify a vet of your boston terrier breeder plans so they can assist you should you require it during birth, such as if the mother is having difficulty and must have a cesarean section.

•    You need to find loving homes for your terriers.  You should not just give your pups to anyone who shows interest in owning one.

Breeding dogs is not a hobby.  Looking after a litter is a full time job that takes time, patience, care, smarts and money.  Therefore, if you really feel this is something you would enjoy and take seriously, you should talk to fellow reputable boston terrier breeders to obtain their opinions and learn as much as you can about the art of breeding lovely family pets and show dog champions.